Past and present software projects

Gingco.Net Display

Very Simple full screen webview app whose main purpose is hanging on a wall, showing Estate.

Platform: iPad

Status: In App Store

Audi A1 Magazine for iPad

A digital magazine promoting the Audi A1.

Platform: iPad

Status: 1.0 in App Store, 2.0 in review

Did I Mess Up My Akamai

Noticed that downloads from iTunes got slow since you use or OpenDNS? The answer usually is that you messed up Akamai’s detection of where you are. It happened for me with Google DNS, Akamai chose a server in Malaysia after that. Since I do not want that you have to go to the commandline, you can check the messed-upness of your Akamai with this simple iPhone app.

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch

Status: In App Store

Atego Exerpt 2.x

A platform for requirements exchange, using the Requirements Interchange Format. It is a Windows desktop application using Java and Eclipse to export, import and update requirements in different RE/RM tools like Telelogic DOORS.

Platform: Windows

Status: Left the company, no longer working on it


The Component Template Library can be used to realize distributed component based software systems. It was originally a C++ template library by Dr. Rainer Niekamp, I worked on the Java implementation during my project work and later as a student at the Institute for Scientific Computing at the TU Braunschweig.

Platform: Linux

Status: Left the university, no longer working on it

Linux From Scratch

I used to be a member of the LFS community, helping out with various things. Most notably, I started work on an automated approach for building LFS systems. There were some published results, but nothing complete or usable.

Platform: Linux

Status: Left the project, no longer working on it